Three Hot Tips For Moms Considering Glitzy Beauty Pageants

Published: 18th January 2012
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Beauty pageants can be entertaining for small girls and their families. Girls get to dress up and strut their stuff. They learn poise, gain confidence and develop social skills in the milieu of beauty pageantry. These pageants also require a lot of time and effort on the part of the entire family. The hair must be perfect, the dress outstanding and these are the easy parts of getting ready for that first ultra-glitzy beauty pageant. All of this can be pretty intimidating given the caliber of the competitors the little darling will face. Keep these tips in mind before you even begin preparations.

1 Start Small

A lot of moms and girls like really like the idea of pageants. Who wouldn't want to get all dressed up and prance around a stage? Everyone wants the chance to wear a beautiful crown and take home a huge trophy. The reality is that glitz pageants are a lot more work than most moms and girls expect. To be competitive, girls often spend a great deal of time practicing. Some moms and girls decide after a pageant or two that glitz just isn't their thing.

Before you invest too much time and money make sure it's something you'll enjoy. Borrow or rent a dress and help your daughter learn a simple routine. If she likes her first pageant or two, then you can start spending the real money. Your first pageant you should focus on having fun, winning can come later.

2 You will need Help

Especially in the beginning an extra pair of hands can be a godsend. Bring along an adult that both you and your daughter are comfortable with. This person can be the supervisor of wardrobe and supplies. Pageants attract dozens of little girls and their family members. Things can and do get lost in the chaos and having someone around to immediately replace lost (or forgotten) items can be a huge relief.

When the time of the pageantry grows near, everyone must be alert. Hair and makeup time really require as many hands as you can summon. Putting mascara on a four-year-old is not for the timid. You need someone other than the makeup artist keeping the child still. While you are backstage, that same helper can be out in the audience prompting your child on where to focus and clue her in on where she should be walking on stage.

3 Don't Lose Your Cool

It's the Beauty pageants can be a lot of fun for both children and their parents. They are also a lot of work. These three suggestions may well help make your pageant goal a bit easier to attain.

that give beauty pageants a bad name. This is an extremely stressful environment and Beauty pageants may be a lot of excitement for both girls and their parents. They're also a lot of work. These 3 tips may possibly help make your beauty pageant dream a bit easier to reach.

can lose it. An aggressive, thoughtless parent can easily get their daughter upset and frustrated. Judges can see this in a child and see she doesn't really want to be here doing this. So for your child's sake if not your own, take a few deep breaths and chill. Children will react to the adults around them, particularly a parent, so keep your cool and so will the little contestant.

Keep everything positive and focus on the fun of the pageant. If it is your first one, really emphasize the fun of participating. Your daughter will probably not win the first pageant she enters. Let her know that is okay. You are just having fun doing something different and entertaining. Let her know how pretty and poised she is and how proud you are of her courage.

Good luck whether this is your first pageant or fifteenth. High-glamour beauty pageants are in a world of their own. Don't let this overwhelm you. Learn from them and enjoy them. Your daughter is sure to boost her self-confidence by participating.

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